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Keynote Speaking
Keynote speaking for conferences, team trainings and professional or personal development meetings. 
Jeffrey dynamically presents on leadership development, personal growth, team building, attitude, and fostering healthy relationships on all levels via greater depth of understanding and belief in the potential and value of all others, but beginning with ourselves. 
Whatever your goals, personally, or as an organization, Jeffrey will motivate and inspire you to believe in your ability to attain them, while equipping all involved to develop the leader within them and the leaders around them, while daily practicing the character and assignments needed to attain the goals. 

Guiding you and your team through the journey to fulfillment through Coaching. 
Jeffrey thoughtfully listens and responds with meaningful questions to help you and/or your team think deeply through ways of thinking and acting, planning and commitment to the next appropriate steps needed to get you to your goal. Thoughtful review is had at each step along the way to assess success and failure and to learn from both in order to implement best thinking, belief and practice for long term success. 
Training and facilitated workshops customized to your specific organizational needs individually, or as a team. 
Many training courses are available as Jeffrey presents trainings such as Influencing the Outcome through Engaging Stories, How to Create a Motivational Work Environment, Staying Positive in a Challenging world, The Heart of Wise Leadership, The Value of Vision, and customized trainings for your specific team needs.
Jeffrey also presents trainings from the world renowned resources of John Maxwell's teaching, such as Developing the Leader Within You 2.0; The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership; Everyone Communicates, Few Connect; Leadership Gold; The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, and more.
In depth, 6-8 week facilitated Mastermind Groups for small groups are available for a deep dive on these topics as well.
Drawing from personal experience in many leadership roles, as well as from the many associates known personally and through the John Maxwell Team, Jeffrey will boost you and your team to new levels of insight on leadership, personal growth, attitude, and postively influencing yourself, your team, family, community, and everyone you meet, resulting in more rapid and deeper development of lasting influence on all levels.