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About Us
Getting you "​​​​​​from here to fulfillment" is the passion of Jeffrey Byrd Coaching and the reason it was founded. 

Understanding your unique vision and equipping you with the skills and understanding of the steps needed to fulfill your unique vision is the mission of Jeffrey Byrd Coaching. 
Many fail to gain fulfillment because their point of departure isn't aligned with the path that leads to fulfillment. 
Jeffrey Byrd Coaching will enable you to clarify goals, align departure points with the direction toward identified goals, and maintain momentum until fulfillment is reached.

Drawing from the vast experience, expertise and training gained as a certified speaker, coach, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, in addition to experience as a business leader, youth trainer, radio presenter, and founder and mentor of the Byrd Young Leaders School in Pakistan, Jeffrey Byrd is ready and able to be a thinking parter, group trainer, or a keynote speaker at your next event, to help you and your team align with the true path toward fulfillment of your personal and organizational goals.

Bringing real life experience with principles of leadership and growth that have been proven effective in every country in the world, Jeffrey is ready to bring the insight gained by himself and many others, over many years, to focus on your particular need, vision and goal. 

Teamwork indeed makes the dream work and Jeffrey's dream is to see your team work to fulfill your dream.